Jack Highwood- Elephant Livelihood Initiative Environment

After spending an afternoon in the forest with the elephants, Elemotion Foundation sat down with Jack Highwood, founder of ELIE and EVP.  He spoke to us about his unique project.  We were intrigued to hear about how he has combined elephant welfare, community development, and elephant conservation. Interview, June 2012 >Why did you choose to […]

Dr. Deepani Jayantha- Born Free Sri Lanka Representative

Elemotion Foundation was delighted to spend three days with Dr. Deepani Jayantha, Born Free’s Sri Lanka Representative, as she showed us first hand the trials and tribulations of Sri Lanka’s wild and captive elephants.  Learn more about Human Elephant Conflict, Born Free’s work, the lives of captive elephants, and ways to watch wild elephants responsibly.  Interview, Oct, 2011 >What […]

Dr. Tharaka Prasad-Sri Lanka Department of Wildlife Conservation

Direct from the offices at the Elephant Transit Home, Dr. Tharaka Prasad speaks to Elemotion about this unique orphanage, Human Elephant Conflict, and Sri Lanka’s governmental policies to protect elephants. Interview, Oct, 2011 >The Department of Wildlife Conservation began the Elephant Transit Home in 1995 to rehabilitate and release wild orphans. How do you find […]

Ravi Corea, President-Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society

Mr. Corea speaks to Elemotion Foundation about the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society’s work, their unique volunteer program, solutions to Human Elephant Conflict, and temple elephants.  Interview, October 2012 >What kind of work does the Sri Lankan Wildlife Conservation Society do to reduce Human Elephant Conflict? The way we approach Human Elephant Conflict is to […]

John Roberts, Director of Elephants- Anantara Golden Triangle

John Roberts is a busy man. Between running the elephant camp at the Anantara Resort in Chiang Rai, rescuing begging elephants with the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, and coordinating volunteers and scientific researchers, he still found time for an interview with Elemotion Foundation. Interview Oct, 2010 1-Tell me about the different projects you are […]

Katherine Connor, Founder- BLES/Star Medical Clinic

If any there is one word to describe Katherine Connor, it is matriarch. Katherine founded Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary, a home for abused and retired elephants, in 2005. Her compassion and devotion does not stop with her 13 elephants. This mother of two guides and cares for an extended family of staff, mahouts, dogs, cats, […]

Sangduen ‘Lek’ Chailert, Founder- Elephant Nature Park

Known for her small size, this larger than life Thai woman has created a safe haven for abused elephants. She has been a recipient of several prestigious awards and the focus of hard hitting documentaries. In this interview, Lek Chaillert sits down with Elemotion Foundation to discuss her elephant park, future projects, and feelings about […]