Awareness Videos

Elephant Riding in Sri Lanka

The truth behind elephant riding in Sri Lanka.

A True Elephant Sanctuary

This video helps tourists identify a true elephant sanctuary. It has also been used to show riding establishments ways they can transform their ‘business model’ from a riding camp to a sanctuary.


Short documentary by Elemotion Foundation about the Ganga, the temple elephant in Colombo capital.

Life Size Baby Elephant Painting

An art project by Mayuka Thais sponsored by Elemotion Foundation to raise awareness.

Project Videos

Orphan Vibhi

The story of Elemotion Foundation’s first orphan, Vibhishana.

Baby Elephant Bath

Update from June 2014, watch Vibhi and the other orphans take a bath in the Udawalawe reservoir.

Orphan Vibhi update- April 2013

Checking in on our little guy.

Orphan Vibhi update November 2013

Checking in on our growing boy.


Elephant Tourism in Asia

General information about common elephant tourism practices seen in many Asian countries, how to help, and tips for tourists. 

Elephant Tourism in Sri Lanka

Originally designed for the Animals Asia Conference 2014, this brochure gives information about common elephant tourism activities in Sri Lanka and our ‘Go Wild!’ recommendation. 

Elemotion Foundation

General information about Elemotion Foundation.

Udawalawe National Park

Designed for visitors entering Udawalawe National Park, located in southern Sri Lanka. As part of the jeep safari, it informs tourist about the park’s history, wildlife, and rules/regulations.