Mahout: Doh, age: 25
Elephant: Lom, 7 year old female


Excerpt from an Elemotion interview with Doh conducted in October 2010.

EMF: Does it surprise you that foreigners come here just to sit and watch the elephants?
A.- No, because I like to sit and watch the elephants too. It’s really good that people come here to understand the elephant. When you go to shows, you don’t get to see the real elephant, so you can’t understand. If you come here and watch them eating and playing and being with its family, only then, you can start to understand them.

Fun Fact
Doh is 25 and has worked with BLES since he was 19. He comes from the local village, Baan Tuek. Doh became a father for the first time in September 2010.

Letter of Recommendation

“Doh, who comes from the local village of Baan Tuek, was working here as a construction worker when we rescued Lom, who was only two at the time. Doh went out of his way to befriend the broken and terrified baby elephant, and she responded very positively to him. After watching them together for a month or so, I offered Doh a permanent position at BLES as her full time care giver. He was thrilled.

Doh is very calm with Lom. He understands that she is a child and wants to play, explore and discover. They have an obvious admiration for each other and are more like a brother and sister.

Doh always tells people that he loves Lom because she has been through so much pain, but she has grown into a loving and trusting elephant. He is proud of her and wants BLES to be able to help many more young elephants like her.

Doh shines. Every guest comments on his gentle disposition and clear adoration for Lom. He allows her the freedom to grow which is what the BLES approach is all about.”

Doh has been recommended by Boon Lott Elephant Sanctuary founder, Katherine Connor.