Elemotion Foundation would like to introduce you to Elephant Advocacy. Run by Kelly and Richard Probst, Elephant Advocacy raises awareness about the difficult issues facing all elephants, Asian and African as well as wild and captive. Their eloquent and thought-provoking campaigns, literature, and website are an outstanding tribute to elephants everywhere. Listen, learn, act…

“Founded in February of 2012, Elephant Advocacy is working to increase your awareness of current issues affecting endangered elephants, fuel the passion needed to serve, protect and preserve elephants and inspire you to take action locally and globally that facilitates the survival, dignity and well-being of elephants in the wild and in captivity.  We support the efforts of NGO’s working on behalf of both Asian and African elephants.  We support and design campaigns and educational resources promoting the welfare and liberty of elephants around the globe.

Elephant Advocacy acknowledges that issues threatening endangered elephants today are deeply disturbing. You may find yourself resisting the tragic realities elephants face each day, yet it is our firm conviction that we, as humane beings, have the capacity to hold in our awareness the plight of these truly magnificent and intelligent mammals. In the willingness to increase our awareness we subsequently increase our capacity for compassion. It is compassion that fuels our passion to protect and preserve that which we value.”  by Kelly Probst


Please visit Elephant Advocacy’s website, www.elephantadvocacy.org, to discover their latest campaign for Sri Lankan temple elephants.