Sri Lanka is home to more than 4,000 wild elephants.  Consequently, the country has several organizations and individuals working on wild elephant conservation. Nevertheless, the country’s 200 captive elephants must not be forgotten. But sadly, captive elephant welfare seems to be greatly neglected. Buddhism, the primary religion in Sri Lanka is based on compassion, yet it is disappointing to see that captive animals, particularly elephants, are often badly treated. These elephants work in festivals, temples, and a freshly budding tourism industry.  The conditions in which these elephants are kept and worked are much less than ideal and oftentimes horrific.

Mathaga is a new organization giving a voice to these elephants in need. It is made of a team of volunteers which is interested in captive elephant welfare. The team is dedicated to make a change for the betterment of these elephants. Mathaga’s first approach is to raise awareness locally and internationally about this  issue.

Mathaga graciously granted Elemotion the use of a few of their e-posters, part of an awareness campaign.


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