Three-month old Vibhi was rescued in mid-2011 from an abandoned well near the Anuradhapura area of North-Central Sri Lanka.

Fortunately, Vibhi arrived at the orphanage in good condition and had a smooth transition to cow’s milk formula.  An older female orphan named Neela quickly took little Vibhi under her wing.  Neela became Vibhi’s allomother.  An allomother serves as a protector, comforter, teacher, and friend.  Sadly, after one year, the two were separated when Neela was released in the wild.

During this time, Vibhi also formed a close bond with another orphan his own age.  Her name is Ruby.  Together, they spend their time grazing, playing, and even sleeping next to each other.  The duo is often spotted with another friend about their same age, named Deegawapi.

Vibhi is a very sweet but bold little elephant.  He is hesitant and always the last in his group to take his milk at the feeding station. But, he is bold and confident when free ranging with the herd. He prefers to stay in the company of his girlfriends and looks to them and the other herd members for comfort and protection. He is wary of the keepers and avoids being singled out. We are happy he is still wary of the keepers as the avoidance of humans will benefit him when he is released in the wild.

Since Neela’s departure, Vibhi has found a new allomother.  Her name is Samari.  Best friends, Ruby and Vibhi, are sometimes seen suckling Samari’s earlobes.  This is a common comfort seeking behavior among the orphans at the Elephant Transit Home.

When released, life in the wild will be difficult for Vibhi and the other orphans.  These young elephants will never get the support or the important life lessons they should have learned from their adult family members.  However, the orphanage gives them a chance by helping to repair their health, grow strong, and practice important social skills.

Elemotion Foundation is proud to sponsor Vibhi throughout the rest of his journey at the Transit Home. Until the day he is ready to be released, he needs your support.  He must continue to receive quality care to prepare him for his life as a wild elephant.

Funds for Vibhi will go directly to pay for his care at Elephant Transit Home. Elemotion Foundation visits the Transit Home regularly for on-going projects and to check on Vibhi.

To foster Vibhi, please click the donate button.  You may choose to make a one time or monthly donation.  Remember to select ‘Orphan Vibhi’ from the drop down menu.