Mayuka Thais, ‘Life Size Baby Asian Elephant’ painting

***Update December, 2013*** Just in time for the holidays, Elemotion Foundation is releasing our amazing time-lapse video of Mayuka Thais’ life size baby Asian elephant painting.  Elemotion Foundation thanks the donors, the Tokyo based art students, and Mayuka.  Please enjoy the video and this artist’s wonderful talent.   ***Update September, 2013*** The painting was completed […]

Elephant Advocacy

Elemotion Foundation would like to introduce you to Elephant Advocacy. Run by Kelly and Richard Probst, Elephant Advocacy raises awareness about the difficult issues facing all elephants, Asian and African as well as wild and captive. Their eloquent and thought-provoking campaigns, literature, and website are an outstanding tribute to elephants everywhere. Listen, learn, act… “Founded […]


Sri Lanka is home to more than 4,000 wild elephants.  Consequently, the country has several organizations and individuals working on wild elephant conservation. Nevertheless, the country’s 200 captive elephants must not be forgotten. But sadly, captive elephant welfare seems to be greatly neglected. Buddhism, the primary religion in Sri Lanka is based on compassion, yet it […]

Mo Orr

Mo Orr Mo Orr is passionate about animals and their welfare. By creating a display in her local Queensland library, she has helped educate hundreds of Australians about the working conditions of Thailand’s domesticated elephants. Elemotion Foundation is proud to highlight Mrs. Orr’s efforts. Her display is an excellent example of how one person can […]